The Parma looks tired, the 64 ‚Genoa pinches the bar with the Bianchi deviation but, just when one can see the penalties, the right-footed volley to fly grifoncini Cleonise ago in the final.

In the race of 16:30 celebrates the Bologna: the Emilian beat the Bruges kicks penalty, and they return to play for the trophy 46 years after their last final. genoa last breath – The Rossoblu are the first finalist of this Viareggio Cup. The team Sabatini winner in a match on a roller coaster, beating Parma with the decisive goal Cleonise 88 ‚. In the lead are precisely the Rossoblu: Adamoli part of the left, is focused and undisturbed to the penalty door starts a right that slips under the intersection of the poles.

The lights flicker genoano the match, and ten minutes later Parma is a draw shot off in the offensive zone, the defense falls asleep and Genoana Tardivo took advantage, pouncing on the loose ball to even the score. At 33 ‚Parma Square even overtaking: the other from the right, keeps on hitting in Genoana area that was solved by Camara, who scored his fourth goal in the tournament.

At the dawn of the recovery it is again equal: the left corner of Rovella, the newly entered Szabo Sutomore head and pits at the crossing to the far post. The Parma looks tired, the 64 ‚Genoa pinches the bar with the Bianchi deviation but, just when one can see the penalties, the right-footed volley to fly grifoncini Cleonise ago in the final. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL television penalty bologna – Al Ferdeghini takes the party of Emilia, that you take the pass to the final on penalties.

More Bruges and Bologna at first blocked, with the Belgians who are preferred by building the only real chance Goal. At dusk of the early 45 ‚De Kuyffer exploits uncertainty in Fantoni output, but Bane is crucial in saving near the goal line touch to Belgian attacker hit safely. Emotions come together in the opening shot, against Bologna that unlocks the match at 47 ‚: Military suggests deep to Cossalter, that face to face not perd0na the opposing goalkeeper.

Mazza went close to the Bruges game bis two minutes later, but just before the hour is the same. Military protagonist this time is in negative, putting down in the area De Kuyffer is rigor, that the same number 8 Nerazzurri turns drawing accounts. The Bologna might When returning immediately ahead, but Uhunamure miss the touch from close wasting the wedding invitation Piccardi.

Expect only the penalties, this time really come: serve seven spot-kicks before the mistake decisive Vervaque, with Bologna that can festeggire return in the final 46 years after the last participation. Filippo Ferraioli  @ FerraioliF91

January 30, 2018 – Milan Khouma El Babacar, 24, and Diego Falcinelli, 26. Mino Raiola has just arrived in the general headquarters of the Milan Sassuolo to try to define the arrival of Babacar in the Emilian club. The deal could be closed with an exchange (at par) with Falcinelli. It remains to polish the last details of the deal and the players have yet to reach an agreement with their potential new teams.

But the feeling is that it will go to a white smoke that is expected in the evening. Calciomarket, Naples-Politano, black smoke. But Raiola … Luca Pessina

March 23, 2019 – Milan LeBron James. Ap The Lakers are mathematically out of the playoffs. The defeat that finally brings down the curtain on the disappointing season of the Lakers LeBron James arrives at the hands of former Nets D’Angelo Russell, who takes the stage at the Staples Center with 21 points and 13 assists. The Nuggets won their sixth straight game due to a walk on the Knicks and engage the Warriors atop the Western Conference.

The Thunder back to smile after 4 k.o. in a row with a trial of strength in the home of the Raptors. The Bucks reunited Giannis Antetokounmpo and mistreat the Heat. Well even the Magic. Los Angeles Lakers-Brooklyn Nets 106-111 Strange twist of fate happen at the Staples Center.

A mathematically close the Lakers (31-41) the door to the playoffs we thought the former D’Angelo Russell, who takes off some pebble in the shoe of the season in the middle of the consecration as All-Star to his Nets (38- 36), which take advantage to center the 6th successful in 9 games and cement the 7th place in the East. what is true of the postseason for New Yorkers, the same that LeBron James will watch from the couch at home, in an early vacation and forced that had not happened since 2005. not enough 25 points and 14 rebounds (albeit with 8 turnovers) of King James and the career high of 33 points (20 rebounds) of JaVale McGee to save gialloviola from ninth defeat in the last 10 outputs . Russell enjoys his personal vendetta with 21 points and 13 rebounds, conductor of an attack which ended with six players in double figures with 26 and Joe Harris 19 Spencer points (6/8 from 3) Dinwiddie, decisive in the final, to put the exclamation point. Balanced game, with coach Atkinson team trying to escape in the third set when the triples of Russell and DeMarre Carroll (15) give the 69-60, an advantage which holds up to 78-73 in the opening of the 4th period.

The Lakers return to the surface thanks to the play of LeBron, which crushes 90 equal to 7 ‚from the end. The shots of k.o. Dinwiddie trim them: her the basket from the arc to 105-99 at 3’10 „from the siren, always his free throws that respond to the attempt to LBJ comeback and put on ice for the +5 with only 4“ remained.

When the Lakers finally lowered the shutters of their disappointing season. THERE. Lakers: McGee 33 (15/20, 3/7 tl), James 25, 18. Kuzma Rebounds: McGee 20.

Assist: James 14 Brooklyn: Harris 26 (2/7, 6/8 by 3 4/4 tl) , Russell 21, Dinwiddie 19. Rebounds: Allen 11. Assists: Russell 13 New York Knicks-Nuggets 93-111 Denver Nuggets (49-22) no longer stop: sixth consecutive win, one that leads them to have the same record Golden State and officially reopened the fight for the top of the Western Conference. At the expense, this time, it’s up to the Knicks (14-59), abused and left with no hopes on court at Madison Square Garden.

Leading the double-digit group of six players of the team Malone is, as usual, Nikola Jokic, who puts signature on a scoresheet 21 points and 17 rebounds. Excellent evidence also for Jamal Murray (18) and Gary Harris (14). New Yorkers trying to rely on Emmanuel Mudiay (21) and Kevin Knox (19), but it is too little.

Denver took command from the start: the baskets of Harris and Will Barton (12) give the 26-9 after 5’30 „from the jump ball, icing on the cake of a 1st period from 37 points which is worth +19 (37-18). The reaction of the hosts in the second fraction, while shortening the disadvantage up to 56-42 at the interval siren. In the second half comes the decisive blow: the triple Malik Beasley (8) strikes again the wall of +20 in closure of the third fraction, by dropping the curtain on the match.

New York: Mudiay 21 (7/16, 2/5 by 3 1/1 tl), Knox 19, Robinson 16. Rebounds: Jordan 11. Assists: 5 Ntilikina Denver: Jokic 21 (7/17, 1/3 3, 4/6 tl), Murray 18, 14. Harris Rebounds: Jokic 17.

Assist: Jokic 5, Murray 5-Toronto Raptors Oklahoma City Thunder 109-116 the Thunder (43-30) see the light at the bottom of the tunnel. A long tunnel 4 consecutive defeats, streak interrupted thanks to the important arrived strength test on the floor of the Raptors (51-22).

A sound the alarm OKC we thought the trio of Paul George (28 points), Russell Westbrook (triple-double 18 points, 13 assists and 12 rebounds) and Dennis Schroder, according elite violin, which closed with 26 points (12 of which the last fraction) from the bench. Useless, for Canadians, the 37 points of Kawhi Leonard and 25 Pascal Siakam, unable to cope with the second stint of the Donovan team coach.

After a 1st time dominated by the hosts, he finished on 58-48 and the lead expanded to 76-63 midway through the third quarter, the Thunder changing face. The 20-4 break, crowned dall’inchiodata Westbrook, worth the +3 (83-80) in the opening of the last 12 minutes and changes the inertia of the match. The triple of Paul George and counterattack run with a layup by Jerami Grant (19 points) write to the board that leaves the pole 101-91 Raptors with even 6 ‚clock.

Toronto: Leonard 37 (8/18, 4/5 from 3, 9/10 tl), Siakam 25, Green 19. Rebounds: Powell 11. Assists: Gasol 6 Oklahoma City: George 28 (4/7, 5/10 from 3 5/5 tl), Schroder 26, Grant 19. Rebounds: 12. Assists Westbrook: Westbrook 13 Milwaukee Bucks-Miami Heat 116-87 Back Giannis Antetokounmpo and, with him, the smile on the face of the Bucks (54-19 ).

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